Galleria-M is a platform that seeks to address questions; that define the post-modern predicament. Whether they are paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, performing arts, dance or music, they are intensely existential and widely experimental in intent, content and styles of execution. Objects of mundane use, so far relegated to spheres of relative oblivion, are now finding a pride of place as essential components of art. Also, approaches that are becoming more interdisciplinary are breaking orthodox moulds to produce works that are uninhibitedly snazzy and have a cutting edge.

The vastness of exploration stem from experiences that is deeply rooted and personal. Joy, freedom, pain, angst, euphoria, revulsion, space and swarm – emotions that range between the subtle and the passionate – find space in this unique exploration. This very sentiment reflects the core ethos and vision of Galleria – M: The innate desire and the steadfast commitment to operate outside the dictates and mores of social expectations; to speak in and represent multiple languages and voices; and to challenge and re-define notions of existence and the traditional ambits within which it functions. This show places on the same platform the works of celebrated artists alongside fresh talent, mirroring greater objective of the gallery itself.